Sept 11th 2001 is a day that we all will remember.

I had just dropped off my oldest son who was in 2nd grade to  school at 9 a.m. when I heard on the radio that one of the World Trade Towers had been bombed.  At this point no one knew exactly what had just happen.

I got home and turned on the TV. This is where I saw a commercial plane fly into the second tower.  I was horrified that this could happen. I was watching NBC and Katie Couric were interviewing live someone at the Pentagon, when he stated that he thinks something just hit the Pentagon. A commercial plane hit moments later they found out they too were hit .

At this point I was trying to call my husband  on the cell phone and the landline phone, the circuits were busy. I wanted to know what to do, should I send my youngest son who was in kindergarten to school or should I let him stay home, should I go pick  up my son who was in school? I was very scared, this all was happening so fast and we were not sure what was next. I ended up emailing my husband  to which a few hours later he got through to me. I told him to please come home to which he did.

When I found out that one of the plans  was American Airlines flight 11 out of Boston that the  hijackers flew the plane into the North Tower of the World Trade Center , I immediately thought of my cousin  who was an airline flight attendant for that flight out of Boston. We learned later that she did not get on the plane that day but that many of her colleague and pilot that she knew for many years died on that flight. All day I worried about her and my cousin  husband who is an EMT in NY. I tried all day to get my cousin  to see if everyone was ok but I kept getting a message, “Due to the emergency in the area your call can not be completed”. I tried to get her for two more days and then finally on Thursday I was able to get her on the phone. She informed me that her husband  was dispatched to the scene at the World Trade but he was having engine trouble. He got there after the Towers fell to the ground, which trapped many rescue workers. Thank God her husband  was safe as well as our cousin and a good friend of the family whom is a firefighter. The total loss of life of these attacks resulted in the deaths of 2,996 people,  2,606 in New York City in the towers.   Many families were suffering the loss of their loved ones but there is a huge positive reaction by the American people to help one another like I had never seen before.

Millions of dollars have been raised for the victims of this attack. People of America were unity as one family. We relearned who our heroes really are the men and woman who risked their lives to save others. In the past people fighting against praying
in schools, now you have many religions united as one to pray together.

I was so amazed to see so many religious faiths united under one roof to pray together, Muslims, Christians, Jews all united. People were upset that they had to wait 6 minutes in a fast food drive through line now people didn’t care about waiting up to 6
hours to give their own blood for the dying.
We wave our American flag in unity and with pride. We are proud to be an American.
People trying to separate each other by race, sex, color and creed
On Tuesday they were all holding hands.
On Tuesday we were all United.

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Sept 11th 2011 also is another day I will never forget for two reasons. One it marking the 10 year anniversary but also because I took a plane flight with my husband which forever changed my life in many ways.

Like many Americans, flying on this day made me a little uneasy.  The thoughts going through my mind were about safety and remembrance. Little did I know, traveling that day would start the most challenging year of my  life.

Here is my story  Laura’s Story    which details my story of how after this flight it caused me to have a severe debilitating health challenges that left me unable to see, walk, work or function for over 7 months.

I  had great success over the past 20 years as a business coach and marketing strategist, but it wasn’t until my health took a downward turn that I realized I had to make a significant change in my life in order to continue my success. During this 7 months of dealing with excruciating pain and health challenges so unbearable I would just wish the day would end I felt compelled to document my journey to help others that were dealing with life challenges.

Through this journey I created a system that helped me overcome my severe debilitating health challenges , achieved my weight loss goals by going from a size 20 to a size 12, revolutionized my business and help me write my book in record time.   This system also helped my husband  who lost his job and got a job while using this system.

One month after the anniversary of 9/11/2012 Superstorm Sandy  ravaged our community.  I remember the day of the storm I was on a group coaching call and was using some of the tools that I had learned to help everyone with the feeling of ‘fight or flight’ as tree’s were falling all around my house and water was coming into my office.
I used many tools  to stay strong to help my community as well as  I  shared this system with Superstorm Sandy survivors  and many others to help them with the challenges that come with a natural disaster.


Through each of these challenges it has also brought transformation and purpose to my life.  It is my hope that each challenge I have faced in my life and found  powerful tools that helped me overcome that challenge I can share with others and help make a difference in the lives of others.

This video is a memorial to the tragedy and a testament to American resilience.
It is a hopeful and inspiring reminder of the power of moving forward.

Watch One World Trade Center be built again, piece by piece, and rise 1,776 feet into the sky before our eyes.