I have spoken and written about how an antibiotic  can kill both good and bad bacteria in the body.  Not everyone is aware of this or other side effects and issues when taking an antibiotic.  I know first hand how damaging they can be on my own body systems and how it caused my immune system and body organs to be comprised.  My WISH is that more Doctors would explain this when prescribing these to patients as well as what things you can do to build up your ‘intestinal flora’ aka ‘good bacteria if a patient does take an antibiotic.   Well in case your Doctors doesn’t know or doesn’t tell you, you need to be sure and READ the label of the side effects of taking any prescription drug and also do some research before injecting that drug.  Here is the side effects of fluoroquinolones  which lists all the different names and types of antibiotic this includes.  You may be surprised with many of the ones listed and it is my WISH and hope that it will help you be more aware to possibility  prevent harmful side effects from your loved ones.  Please SHARE this with the ones you love so that more folks know and can advocate for themselves and their loved ones.

It makes me extremely upset that many deaths have been caused by prescription drugs over the years, but this particular death of a young man who was in the prime of his life with a wife and children really has me on a mission to let more folks know about the side effects.


Watch, Listen and Learn

Watch, Listen and Learn

This below except was written by Rachel Brummert, Executive Director of the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation
All medications have side effects. What differentiates this class of antibiotics from others is its ability to cause severe adverse reactions that can disable people and even cause death, such as what happened to Jeff Stephens, and to Kathy’s husband Chris Dannelly.

Current warnings are not sufficient. Either the warnings are hidden under confusing language or it is non-existant. Quinolone Vigilance Foundation urges the FDA to add stronger language and add the risks of Mitochondrial Toxicity and Psychiatric Effects on top of the current warnings of tendon rupture and peripheral neuropathy. A comprehensive list of adverse reactions can be found on our website www.SaferPills.org. The scary fact is that adverse reactions are by no means rare and very preventable. Fluoroquinolone prescriptions should come with a full disclosure of the risks of permanent disability so that patients can make an informed decision about their health .To ensure that this information reaches patients, the FDA should strengthen and add additional warnings to the drug packaging and finally require that the Dear Doctor letters that have been mandated be sent to all doctors, warning them of the risks to their patients. Despite the mandates, the deplorable fact is that those Dear Doctor letters were never sent, putting patients at unnecessary risk for disability and death.

Infections should be cultured before prescribing an antibiotic to make sure there is an infection to begin with. Often, doctors prescribe an antibiotic “just in case” because it is a broad spectrum antibiotic. It’s an antibiotic, so what’s the harm, right? Turns out, the harm is that you can become unnecessarily injured and disabled from a treatment that is supposed to help. The risk far outweighs the benefits. Fluoroquinolones kill bad bacteria, but it also kills good bacteria. Antibiotics are not appropriate for a virus to begin with, and prescribing a fluoroquinolone compounds the problem. There are countless people around the world who went to their doctor or hospital, were given an antibiotic to help them feel better, and ended up injured, disabled, and even worse, dead.

Fluoroquinolones are meant for the treatment of life threatening infections such as the plague and anthrax. Instead, they are given for lesser infections for which safer and less potent antibiotics are appropriate. Prescribing these incredibly powerful antibiotics can lead to preventable harm and these effects can be permanent. In addition, inappropriately prescribed fluoroquinolones can lead to antibiotic resistance, a rising global problem.

Folks I am happy to share with you that there are so many  natural ways to help your body getting better when dealing with an infection,  feel free to listen and learn to have more wellness tools in your life toolbox.  I also tell folks to do your own research and be your own health advocate.