I am excited for this month of April as so many amazing things are happening in my own Author Journey as well as my SOLOpreneur Author/Writer  clients journey to authorship. I am happy to announce since writing several books in my ebook series “Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox”, this is the ebook that will go live first in the series “Vision Boards Made Easy for the SOLOpreneur“. If you want to be part of the book launch and get Email notifications, please sign up here . I also created a “Live with Laura” Facebook group and Page so feel free to join there to help support me.


1st E-book in the Series

I have been busy getting all the other pieces and parts that go together after the book is actually written.  My author/writer clients have been enjoying seeing the process LIVE as each piece and part unfolds.  I am happy to inspire them by showing them all the “how to’s” and let them see this is an attainable goal for them too.  Many of my author clients tell me the writing part was easy for them, whereas the publishing, marketing, advertising, list building, etc is the part that makes their hands sweat.  For me this is the easy part and the writing was the hard part for me, its getting easier with practice and educating myself to have the best tools which has made it easier. One of my goals when teaching my  clients, is  to give them the BEST tools to make the process of all the things that come afterwards EASY.

If I get to work with an author from the beginning when they are still writing their book, I tell them they need to work on their marketing plan NOW and not wait until their book is finished.  This is one of those Author TIPS that I hope you are reading and having an aha moment and giving you this VALUABLE author advice now.  Trust me it makes all the difference.

I am also working this month on my Print Book Goals and am taking a 30 Day Kindle to Print challenge. This is going to be great to finally get to see my BIG book in actual print that so many of my clients have wanted for so long.  Many of my clients lost their computers and businesses in Superstorm Sandy the hurricane that devastated New Jersey and New York communities.  I was teaching the last class of the  30 Day Transformational Challenge course which was online and by telephone and the day the storm hit.  I offered several more live classes since Sandy however many of my Sandy Survivors still don’t have the funds to replace their computer, so having a print version of this book will really be a great tool for them.  I am hoping to continue to fund raise  and raise the money needed to be able to gift a copy to a Sandy Survivor.

This month I also start to teach another group of authors/writers in the  Author Toolbox 30 Day Transformational ChallengeSo many of my clients wanted an authors only class so when I give examples I’m speaking to them.  I love these groups of writers/authors that want their message to get out into the world and make a difference in the lives of others.  My heart sings when I get to work with them.  I can’t wait to show them the powerful tools that made such a big difference in my life and also in the way that I approach my author/writing SOLOpreneur journey.

This is also my Birthday month.  As many of you know I don’t share my actual birth date on social media as to me this is a breach in your online security and I teach my clients the reasons.  However, I love what my sister has done and made it her birthday month.  Her’s is easy to say as she calls it Deb-tober.  So not sure how to make it sounds cool.  If you have ideas leave a comment .  So for now I will just call it Laura’s Birthday Month.  I will be doing some fun things, gifts to YOU this month too, and some other live online FREE events to celebrate so stay tune. I encourage you to Make a WISH, wish anything you want.  Pretend  it’s YOUR birthday and you can wish for anything at all, no restrictions….. Dream Crazy and Big and don’t worry about coloring it all in.

So my WISH  to you is Health, Wealth and Happiness this month as we celebrate Spring full of new beginnings, new sprouts of ideas, and new journeys that will be EPIC!!!!!!



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