“Fill your cup up first, and nourish others with the overflow”~ is a line in my upcoming book “Healthy Business, Healthy You. – Transformational Tools for Life and Business.”

Many times we take from our cup and give it away to others until we are totally depleted and there is nothing left in your cup.
We need to be reminded that we should not give from our cup but give from the  overflows  the cup that spills onto  the saucer of the cup.
I found this to be a foreign idea at first as I was always taught to sacrifice yourself for the good of others.  That thinking about yourself was selfish.  Well I learned the HARD way that way of thinking was actually very unhealthy for both my life and my business.  I also learned that the word selfish in Chinese actually has a second meaning  to be good to ones self and to actual take care of one’s self,  Self-care and Self-nourish.

We need to learn this lesson that we need to be nourished ourselves in order to be able to help others.  As a mom I can remember many times where I would forget to eat.  I would feed my boys but realized hours later that I never ate.  Why because I was too busy working in my office.  I can also remember many times not going to my gym exercise class because I was too busy helping my community.

We are given the message from society that you are amazing when you work 16 hour days and get comments like “wow you are such a hard worker, dedicated to your profession.”  When was the last time you heard “Wow that was so great that you took time off from work to take a vacation.”  Or “You get a gold star today for taking a yoga class on your lunch break.  You are smart for taking time for you its good for your health.”   It is a VERY rare moment where you will hear this in our crazy hamster wheel society.

So my tool for you to take away with is “Think about YOU.”  Put yourself on your calendar of life.  Make time for YOU.

Think what nourishes you?
What makes you happy?
What makes your heart sing?
Ask yourself what fills my cup up for ME?

Then start to schedule those things on your calendar so that when someone asks you are you busy today you can say YES, Yes I am I am busy taking care of ME 🙂

Many of my students  in the 30 Day Transformational Challenge Toolbox ™ program are learning about this important tool to add to their toolbelt and toolbox of life.  It is a VITAL tool to be able to do the work you are called to do but without depleting ones self.

Would love to hear how you implemented this tool in your life and the life of your business.  Leave your comments below.