Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox Book Launch Press Release

March 21, 2015




 With an impressive ten inches of spring snow on the ground the WELLness ™ Retreat & Book Launch took place at the First Assembly of God Church, located at 800 Bay Avenue -Toms River, NJ 08753 on March 21, 2015. It featured four different dynamic health and wellness topics including:

What is your Wellness Wish?

Vision Boards Made Easy

Lunch & Learn Nourishing Tools For the Body

Tools for Non Toxic Living


This event was coupled with the innovative book launch of “Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox” by Laura Cole Gonzalez a New Jersey Author.   Laura has developed a revolutionary visionary solution system to help people achieve the life and business goals that they’ve always wanted.

 To the author’s surprise her charming husband took center stage to ask her hand in marriage again in front of all that attended. This immediately followed a 25th wedding anniversary renewal of wedding vows in the same church she was originally married in and now had birthed her best selling book “Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox”.

 The WELLness ™ Retreat was created to gives people quick, easy, practical access to life changing techniques, transformational tools, and powerful healing processes. The word W.I.S.H stands for Wellness. Inspiration. Solutions. Health. Laura’s wish for you is that you receive a day of wellness wisdom, inspiration and find solutions for your health using a variety of powerful tools for your life and business toolbox.

 A unique opportunity will exist for those that could not attend this in person event. There will be a Virtual WISHING WELLness retreat from April 1 – 30th. For those interested in getting involved they can visit,

 The road to her inspirational success today was not an easy one. When Laura’s health took an unexpected downward turn, she watched her own human capital diminish, which in turn affected her business capital due to her debilitating health challenges. She faced the most difficult battle of her life with no known books or business courses that associated her business success with your own health.Laura’s journey back to wellness inspired her to reevaluate her life, business and life’s purpose. Her debut book Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox shows how she reclaimed her life, transformed her business and developed a revolutionary visionary solution system that has, in turn, now helped people achieve the life and business goals that they’ve always wanted.

Laura Cole Gonzalez’s new book “Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox” was officially launched on March 21, 2015. In this book Laura shares the systems and techniques that she has implemented in her life, family, and workplace to overcome extreme challenges in her health, life, and business. She shares her personal story and the systems she has developed to overcome monumental obstacles in achieving personal and professional success. Now you can learn the secrets to protecting the most important asset in your business and nurture YOU. Through step by step instructions, you will put in place the systems to create the life and business you have always wished for. Laura is a living example of what it takes to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Having this book as a transformational tool, will help you build a solid foundation to provide you with the pathway to maintain and attain success in both life and business.

You can now purchase her book “Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox” and her Action Attraction Planner ™; which is a Health & Wealth Workbook and Planner combined. Get your copy now by visiting, .




Contact: Laura Cole Gonzalez


Phone: 732- 288-2641




Laura Cole Gonzalez is a wife, and mother to 2 sons. She is passionate about natural, healthy living and has been an educated advocate of natural ways to improve health for herself, and her family. She has been a Business Visionary, and Marketing Mentor for the Natural Health and Wellness Industry for the last 20 years. Laura is also an Author, Speaker and Vision Board Coach. Integrating her experiences with holistic tools along, with lessons gleaned from her own health challenges, she helps people become proactive with their own health. Laura brings real world tested solutions to real world challenges. Her mission is to give people quick, easy and practical access to life changing techniques, transformational tools, and powerful healing processes. She will provide you with the knowledge, and tools you need to eliminate struggle, overcome being overwhelmed, and build a solid foundation in which you can thrive!


Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox hit Best Seller in Entrepreneur and Self Help on March 25th and continues to stay in best seller category.

Frank Gonzalez surprised his wife, author Laura Cole Gonzalez  with a proposal to renew their wedding vows in front of guests at her Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox book launch.   Minister Christian Momm officiated ceremony using the same vows stated 25 years early.  First Assembly of God Church of Toms River, NJ  was the same church couple was married in.