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Live with Laura Radio interviews Author Steven Lange about his book  “Breathing Room“.

During the  Virtual Author Meet and Greet Laura asks Steven questions about tools he used as an author as well as tools he has used in Life and Business.  Steven gives the listeners a peek into his life growing up.

Steven Lange is no stranger to life’s challenges. One of six boys, he was raised in poverty. Growing up, he provided care as his father suffered with Multiple Sclerosis for nearly ten years. Steven himself suffered a stroke ,had open heart surgery, and melanoma. Most of his adult life was spent at the bottom looking up. Whether this was the reality, or conjecture makes little difference; the end result is the same. He survived several near-death events during twenty four harrowing hours on Long Beach Island, New Jersey when Hurricane Sandy made landfall in 2012. Steven considers himself a blessed survivor in many respects. These life events have shaped a raw, unpretentious style of writing that questions our moral codes, survival mechanisms, and perceptions of who God is, in a way that sugarcoats nothing. His lifelong search to understand contentment has culminated in Steven’s breakout novel, Breathing Room.

Breathing Room is novel that is loosely based on Steven’s actual life. The story of a family’s search for that haven we ALL look for in our lives. Jack Christopher, his wife Patricia,and their six boys are looking to find some relief from the weight of daily survival pressing down upon them. Breathing Room lies between the pains of our past,and our fears of an uncertain future. It is a place of rest that refreshes our soul. In the mid 1960’s, and follows the saga of this family as they fight to survive against overwhelming odds. Along the way , the funny and tender moments that make up the stories that we love to tell, and pass down,unfold in the Christopher home as well. Jack’s greatest fear is that his family will suffer the same fate as the memories of his own childhood…unless someone intervenes.

Steven lives on Long Beach Island, New Jersey with Dianne, his lovely wife of over twenty five years. They have two grown children, Jessica, and Daniel.

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