Laura interviews Dr Frank  Sommerer from Shore Pointe Chiropractic as one of her  special guest who is one of her  Health Team practitioners, and as she likes to call part of her “Circle of 5” Support System.
Having a Health Team is very important and as Laura shares  her story in her book “Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox” it is one of the tools that helped her overcome extreme health challenges.


10985939_808179679229815_78209669366159144_o      Skip-mina-laura

This photo of me dancing with Dr. “Skip” brings me so much Joy.  Knowing that he was part of my wellness journey and to be now able to DANCE again, makes my heart sing.

Little did Skip and his wife Mina know that the flowers they gave me would be my surprise wedding ‘bouquet’ too.   Thanks you two for being part of my extra special day.

LISTEN & LEARN  about the importance of Chiropractic Care as you listen to Laura interview Dr. Frank Sommerer.

LISTEN & LEARN about how to be sure to protect the Most Important Asset in your Life & Business which is YOU.


Thank you Dr. Frank Sommerer and Dr. Phillip Petris for being part of my Health Team and the amazing care you have given me and my family for 20 years.

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