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I am very honored and happy to have Mark Romero on “Live with Laura”.  My guest is Mark Romero who is Empowering People to Tune Their Lives and Step into Being the Composer of Their Life’s Experience. Mark Romero, Musician and Speaker helps people transform their lives and unlock their potential through the power of music.

I recently shared with Mark how instrumental his music was to my New Jersey community.  His music was the very tool that I shared with my community days after Superstorm Sandy to help people deal with “fight or flight” feelings and give them moments of relief from this horrific environment that we were experience with our communities devastation.  We had no power and no phone service for two weeks however many had internet access so I did a quick raw audio recording with Mark’s music playing in the background and gave this visualization and breathing technique tool to those that needed it.  To this day people bring up this raw audio that I posted on social media, shared via text message and said how it was a critical tool to get them through one of the hardest times in their life.  I also shared a healing vision board via pinterest that has many of Mark’s videos that helped many people with physical health challenges  and provided quicker healing.  I have recommended Mark’s music for years to my health and wellness practitioners clients  and insist that they play his music when I go for any bodywork treatments as his music has healing properties in them.  I would like to share these tools with my community again now that are dealing with this devastating fire here in Seaside Park and Seaside Heights New Jersey  and the challenges that face them as they have to rebuild their business.

Today Mark’s gift to our New Jersey community and my US and international listeners a one of kind transformational  mini concert experience.   Mark introduces my Live with Laura  audience to a revolutionary new way to create change in their lives.
Like the guitar, we only produce optimal results when our strings are in tune. Mark provides music products and services to help people reduce the negative impact of energy interrupters.  So sit back and enjoy this wonderful instrumental tool that is truly transformational.

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It is my hope that these tools help you with you and your business when you have challenges you face and you can pull from your toolbox and put them in your tool-belt to easily access.

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