If you’re serious about streaming on Periscope and growing your audience, you need Chatterbox.

Chatterbox helps you better connect and engage with your audience with live polling and a chat archive   so you never miss a comment or question. As a broadcaster, keeping up with the rapid fire comment activity in Periscope can be a challenge so Chatterbox  is a great solution. Use it also to follow the conversation of any live broadcast.

HOW TO INSTALL Chatterbox for Periscope Extension for Chrome:

1.  Go to Chrome Extensions by  going up to  your Browser area and look all the way to the right and you will see a little ICON that has three lines.  Click that
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2. Search for Chatterbox for Periscope in search box, then click ADD to Chrome.


3. You will then see button that shows you it has been added.


HOW TO USE Chatterbox for Periscope:

1. Start your stream via Periscope
2. Place your device next to your monitor
3. On your desktop, go to your profile page on Periscope:


4. Once connected to stream, fire up Chatterbox!
Chatterbox for Chrome Extension


– Conduct useful chats
– Never miss a comment or question
– Gain valuable insights from your audience with live polls

Chatterbox was created by digital and social agency GLOW in New York. Visit us at http://WeAreGLOW.com