Today was a full today filled with an in person workshop that allowed my students the ability to work on their goals  in a different way. There was a vision card session that accelerated their learning of what they truly needed to accomplish those goals.  It also allowed those that weren’t sure of those  goals and to bring them forward in their mind.  Then the students were able to take those photos and create a vision board.  The vision board helps to keep your focused on your goals and helps your RAS (Reticular Activating System) in your brain to know what to focus on. Your Reticular Activating System allows your subconscious mind to work on your goal whether you realize it or not.

That evening I invited these students to attend a event in NYC that allowed them to network with like minded people to help them increase their circle of  5 support system which I teach them in the 30 Day Transformational Challenge Toolbox™ program.

My one student who is also a dear friend offered to drive in the city as long as she could go the way that there was no bridges as she has a severe debilitating fear of bridges.  We agreed and headed off to travel to NYC.  All of a sudden she said “Laura look ahead”.

I knew what she was saying as I saw the bridge ahead of us.  She then said ” You are going to have to help me through this.” I thought she was asking me to drive which I said sure I’ll get in the drivers seat.  She said no just walk me through it.  So at that point I had to switch gears and go into coaching mode.  I told her she could do it, that she’s got this.  I also gave her some words that helped her that included the mantra I AM NOW Safe.  I AM NOW ok.  I am calm etc…

Well she did it sweaty palms and all.  She thought ok great I’m done.  However that would not be the case.  This very night she had to cross a total of 5 bridges, each one having her to face her fear and doing it anyway.  She described later what it felt like to look fear in the face and do it anyway.  She agreed that the evening was a success on so many levels which now allow her the freedom and the space to create the future that she wants.


The guest speakers inspired us and we filled our cup up.  The like minded women in the room reminded us that there are others that think the same way to inspire and help others.  The energy in the room was uplifting and energizing.
It was a very good day that gave us all the tools for our toolbox of life and the life of our business.