Virtual Author Writer Circle is a complementary tool I created to support my writing and book goals.  I wanted to surround myself with other people doing what I was doing and provide that extra “writing mojo energy” needed to keep focused on my writing goals. In turn this group  also has provides a great tool for  author/writers to surround themselves with other writers and it has grown with many amazing writing peeps from all over the country and around the world.

I also create a Virtual Author Writing Day where we devote specific times during that day to write for  90 minutes and then call into the tele-conference line to share with other writers, ask questions, book and writing brainstorm.
This day was created as a complementary tool for students to stay focused on their writing goals  taking the Author Toolbox 30 Day Transformational Challenge and 6 month Author Toolbox Solutions program.  However I also give out FREE passes to other author and writers that want to join in this amazing group of writing energy.

If this Virtual Author Writing Circle Facebook group interests you please contact me and let me know what your writing goals are to see if you are a match for the Virtual Author Writing Circle.

We are having Virtual Author Writing Day this Saturday April 12th at 9am.
At the kick off of the day I will be doing a LIVE Demo of an amazing writing tool that has changed the way I write.  It helped me so much writing my books.   I would like to share this amazing author tool that is now is in my writing toolbelt daily.    Sign up to the FREE Live webinar where I will SHOW you how I use Scriverner writing tool.