W.I.S.H.ing WELLness ™ Retreat & Book Launch

Wellness. Inspiration. Solutions. Health

Our wish for you is that you receive a Day Retreat of wellness wisdom
and have a variety of powerful tools for your life toolbox.

Author and Visionary Laura Cole Gonzalez will be sharing practical Wellness Tools
for you and your family to help make YOUR wellness wishes come true.

Reserve your ticket Today – Tickets $45
Saturday, March 21, 2015 from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM

First Assembly of God Church – 800 Bay Avenue -Toms River, NJ 08753



Workshop Sessions:

Wellness Wishes – Sharing Practical Wellness Tools for you

Session 1

What is your Wellness Wish?

I wish I had better health.
I wish I could lose weight.
I wish my life was less stressful.
I wish I has a better career.
I wish I had more abundance in my life.
I wish I had more energy for myself and my family.

Session 2
Vision Boards Made Easy

Learn how to create and use vision board tools to help you achieve your wellness wishes and goals.
This tool can be used in EVERY area of your life, including professional, personal, financial, spiritual, physical and mental health.

Session 3
Lunch & Learn
Nourishing Tools For the Body
What you eat does make a difference
Eat healthier
Repair your body
Gain energy
Protect your family

Lunch will be provided during this session

Session 4
Tools for Non Toxic Living
Is your home and work place making you sick?
Discover the hidden toxins.

Learn how to better take care of:
Your skin
Your mind
Your home
Your family

Zyto Session – This points out areas in your body that need support.
Be sure to RESERVE your spot when purchasing your Retreat Ticket
Space is extremely limited, plan ahead and schedule your scan.
Zyto 15-20mins , Special rates apply to this event only.
(Value $120)

The ZYTO Compass System is a unique hand scanner that measures the bio-markers out of alignment in the body and prioritizes your body’s preferences for specific Young Living Essential Oils and Essential Oil infused nutritional products can support your body systems. The Compass then generates a report showing which products your body prefers, guiding you toward better health.


laura-book-launch copy

Laura will also be launching her book Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox  at this event, so you don’t want to miss it.   All attendees  will be able to purchase her book for a discounted price of .99 cents and will also receive her Health & Wealth Workbook tool  Action Attraction Planner  for FREE. 

Laura Cole Gonzalez is a wife and mother to 2 sons. She is passionate about natural, healthy living and has been learning about natural ways to improve health for her and her family.
She a Business Visionary and Marketing Mentor for Natural Health and Wellness Industry for the last 20 years. Laura is the Transformational author of the “Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox” book series and programs and is a Vision Board Coach.

Integrating her experiences with holistic tools along with her own challenging health lessons,she helps people become proactive with their own health. Her mission is to give people quick, easy and practical access to life changing techniques, transformational tools and powerful healing processes. She will provide you with the knowledge, and tools you need to eliminate struggle, overcome being overwhelmed and build a solid foundation so you can thrive!

Photo Illustration credit – Mark Damiano  Print is available.

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What people are say :

Michele Leslie Ruhmann – “Laura’s program has helped me define what direction I wanted to move in with my career and has helped me to manifest this. With Laura’s guidance and creative ideas, I have increased my clientele and have a much clearer picture of the direction my business is moving in and I am actually enjoying the process.”

Judi Finneran – “Laura has moved me forward faster than anything I have done before. I have actually planned and completed projects which I had been putting off forever. Laura is a fountain of information and totally over-delivers on everything she does. Laura doesn’t just say what needs to be done, she makes sure we know how to do it and sees that it gets done.”

Meghan Alexandria – “Participating in Laura’s program has helped me visualize higher potential for my business to move forward and create the foundation for my business to expand. When working for yourself it can be hard to prioritize, manage time and resources. Laura helped me to organize and accomplish the steps to fulfill my goals. Her activities are tools that you will take with you and use time and time again.

Karen Galligan – Laura’s program helped ignite something in me. Every day since I have started this journey, I feel more self-empowered and I have seen amazing things happening. These tools have helped me to reinforce my new-found thought patterns, attract opportunities and to be more confident and comfortable being ME. I have realized and have begun planning to achieve goals I may have never understood what goals I would have. In beginning to explore the goals that I want to tackle and bringing them to light in the form of a vision board, it seems that the universe keeps giving me signs and affirmations. People in many areas of my life are sharing observations that support specific goals such as commenting on my ability to articulate thoughts in writing when one of my goals revealed was that I want to write a book. To anyone embarking on this journey, I would suggest they approach without expectations. Expectations will only serve to limit what your amazing, complex and wonderful brain is capable of. Trust the process and trust that Laura’s training and talent will guide you through it in a way that is specific to you. Enjoy the journey – it is amazing!

Steve Lange
Laura has a heart to help people become all that they imagine they can be.
MORE IMPORTANTLY, Laura is gifted in sharing the “how to” skills that take you from “dreaming” to “becoming” all that you wish to be. I am the author of Breathing Room. Having finished writing it, I had NO CLUE what to do with the novel. Laura has been my mentor and her years of expertise have taken me from clueless to helping me establish a clear goal vision, and a game plan to get me there. Without Laura’s incredible teaching, I have no doubt that Breathing Room would still be in my top dresser drawer.