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Healthy, Business, Healthy You Toolbox isn’t like other business books you have read. It’s a transformational tool that will help you have success in your life and in your business.

Laura shares her personal story and the systems she has developed to overcome monumental obstacles in achieving personal and professional success. She teaches how to protect and nurture YOU.

Through step-by-step instructions, she gives you systems to create the life and business you have always dreamed of. Laura is a living example of what it takes to overcome insurmountable obstacles.

Having this book as a transformational tool will help you build a solid foundation so you can thrive!

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“Laura nails it on so many levels in her advice to entrepreneurs. We ARE our businesses, so best to vision exactly what we want our lives and our businesses to look like. “Fill your cup first & nourish others with the overflow” hit home as a healthy reminder not to run myself into the ground, giving without replenishing myself. Setting our mindset for success is easier with her tools. She invites us to wish, then dream, then set goals around them so they get accomplished. Her Visionary Solution System tools for cutting through the overwhelm are most effective as they give a track to run on, and reference. Finally, she translates how we can take these healthy habits and achievements and leverage them through social media; a welcome added bonus. She’s practical, heartfelt, funny, and hey, she’s a Jersey girl!! Grab your copy today if you’re serious about you, your health & your business.”
Debra L. Morrison

International Speaker & Author - Finance & Investment Expert

“Goal Setting Gold Mine! Laura has created a workable system for setting goals and staying “tuned in” to meet health and financial challenges. She teaches ALL who read this book how to use their right and left brain to formulate goals and turn them into actions! She is also a talented speaker and business coach. I highly recommend this book for Solopreneurs, authors, business coaches, or anyone who wants to improve their health and their business.”
Karyn L. Almendarez


Laura has a heart to help people become all that they imagine they can be. MORE IMPORTANTLY, Laura is gifted in sharing the “how to” skills that take you from “dreaming” to “becoming” all that you wish to be. I am the author of Breathing Room. Having finished writing it, I had NO CLUE what to do with the novel. Laura has been my mentor and her years of expertise have taken me from clueless to help me establish a clear goal vision, and a game plan to get me there. Without Laura’s incredible teaching, I have no doubt that Breathing Room would still be in my top dresser drawer.

Last year (pre-Laura) I was printing up handwritten promotions for the book. This year (post-Laura’s toolbox) I am confidently attending Fortune 500 sponsored network events to expand my business. This is NOT bluster. Laura’s program and teaching are THAT good. I can say without hesitation that Laura’s visionary insights and skills are why I am a three time best selling author! No matter what YOUR dream may be, Laura can help you get there! If you have a personal or business goal, GO FOR IT, and let Laura guide you to success.

Steven Lange


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