Learn the Facts about Fluoroquinolones Antibiotics

Learn the Facts about Fluoroquinolones Antibiotics

I WISH someone told me about the RISK of taking these antibiotics many years ago and its is my hope that this will help someone else have the knowledge so that can make an informed decision when they go to the Doctors.

Some of you have read my book Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox and have read part of my story and how I have had some extreme health challenges, and some of you have not. The short story is I have an auto immune health challenge and many of the health challenges I faced in my life are directly due to taking this family of antibiotics. One of my goal and mission is to take the tools I have received as I went through each challenge in life and to help folks have tools that they can use in their life toolbox that will help them have a better quality of life.

All antibiotics carry a risk of side effects, but fluoroquinolones are in a class by themselves when it comes to potential health risks.
So many of you have never heard of Quinolones so here is a little more info so you can be informed.

The quinolones, also known as the fluoroquinolones, are a synthetic, bactericidal antibacterial class with a broad-spectrum of activity.They inhibit the enzyme topoisomerase II, a DNA gyrase that is necessary for the replication of the microorganism. Topoisomerase II enzyme produces a negative supercoil on DNA, permitting transcription or replication so by inhibiting this enzyme DNA replication and transcription is blocked.

The quinolones has been used for difficult-to-treat urinary tract infections when other options aren’t effective, hospital-acquired pneumonia, bacterial prostatitis, and even anthrax or plague.

The FDA finally has issued a strong warning about this class in 2016.
FDA safety review found that both oral and injectable fluroquinolones are associated with disabling side effects involving tendons, muscles, joints, nerves and the central nervous system. These side effects can occur hours to weeks after exposure to fluoroquinolones and may potentially be permanent.

These are just SOME of the potential size effects so be sure and reach the side effects of each one.  Way too long to list here. Be also sure to watch the videos below.

Familiar names in the fluoroquinolone class include:
ciprofloxacin (Cipro)
levofloxacin (Levaquin)
moxifloxacin (Avelox)
There are also Ear Drops and Eye drops as well.
Here is the full list so you can familiarize yourself with them so you are well informed.


Bitter Pill: Side effects of Fluoroquinolones

Need more information or have questions please feel free to contact me.

Live with Laura: Interview with Karyn Almendarez

Live with Laura: Interview with Karyn Almendarez

Live with Laura: Interview with Karyn Almendarez

Karyn Almendarez  is the Author of the # 1 Best Seller Tragedy’s Treasures: A Mom’s Journey Through Grief Book. This book shares her personal account of twelve faith-based treasures she discovered before, during, and after the death of her sixteen-year-old son in an early morning car accident.

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Audio Version 

How to create Polls and keep track of comments for Periscope

How to create Polls and keep track of comments for Periscope

If you’re serious about streaming on Periscope and growing your audience, you need Chatterbox.

Chatterbox helps you better connect and engage with your audience with live polling and a chat archive   so you never miss a comment or question. As a broadcaster, keeping up with the rapid fire comment activity in Periscope can be a challenge so Chatterbox  is a great solution. Use it also to follow the conversation of any live broadcast.

HOW TO INSTALL Chatterbox for Periscope Extension for Chrome:

1.  Go to Chrome Extensions by  going up to  your Browser area and look all the way to the right and you will see a little ICON that has three lines.  Click that
11-10-2015 7-09-44 AM

2. Search for Chatterbox for Periscope in search box, then click ADD to Chrome.


3. You will then see button that shows you it has been added.


HOW TO USE Chatterbox for Periscope:

1. Start your stream via Periscope
2. Place your device next to your monitor
3. On your desktop, go to your profile page on Periscope:


4. Once connected to stream, fire up Chatterbox!
Chatterbox for Chrome Extension


– Conduct useful chats
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3 year Anniversary of Super Storm Sandy Reflection

As today marks the 3 year Anniversary of Super Storm Sandy and I am listening to a song  “Keep Changing the World”  by MIKESCHAIR that I played many times when people from our community and from all over the country came to help us.

So as I reflect today I am grateful and very thankful for all the folks that came here to our area to help make a difference in the lives of others and Change OUR World for the better.  There are so many people to thank and I know I won’t do it justice as we had 100 students per week come to help for an entire month and then facility and students kept coming afterwards as well as business professionals from companies, mayors, senators from Katrina areas came, CNN Reporter who covered Katrina in her own home town, consultants that specialize in nature disasters, our local “Pink and Blue” boots on the ground as I like to call the local folks and organizations that were created out of necessity who knew the needs and acted quickly, the list goes on an on which I documented in my blog so you can read about these special people  so you see why I can’t name all their names.  But you know and I know who you are so THANK YOU and may God Bless you as you continue to help others in need.

So folks keep being YOU and keep Changing the World and please say a prayer or lend a helping hand for those that are still not back in their homes 3 years later.

Below are some of the lyrics of the song.
“Keep Changing The World”

Something here is wrong
There are children without homes
But we just move along
To take care of our ownThere’s so much suffering
Just outside our door
A cry so deafening
Oh, we just can’t ignoreTo all the people who are fighting for the broken
All the people who keep holding onto love
All the people who are reaching for the lonely
Keep changing the worldTake a look around
Before the sun goes out
What’s lost can still be found
It’s not too late nowIt only takes one spark
To make the fire burn
So reach inside your heart
And let this be the startI see you changing the world, I see you changing the world
Every boy, every girl, step up, step up
I see you changing the world, I see you changing the world
Every boy, every girl, step up, step upSee the sun coming up, it’s a brighter day
Share the world right now, it’s a better way
So lend a hand, join the fight, ’cause time is ticking away
I’ll keep changing the worldKeep changing the world
(I see you changing the world, I see you changing the world)
Keep changing the world
(I see you changing the world, I see you changing the world, step up)

Surprise Wedding at my Book Launch

Surprise Wedding at my Book Launch

I made an announcement that we were breaking for lunch which I had prepared with “love”.  I wanted to make sure our meal was a high nutrient rich meal and I have to say “mission accomplished” so my heart was singing again knowing my peeps were adding wellness tools to their bodies today. Unbeknown to me my husband had different plans.  My husband Frank has been my unwavering supporter of every WISH I have ever had in my life.  We have been together for 29 years and this year would be our 25th anniversary.  I saw him in the back of the church as he slipped into his suit jacket which he had not worn that day. I said wow he has the tan suit on that I love him in.  Wait he has a suit on, he didn’t have that on before.  I guess he wants to look nice for our Lunch and Learn downstairs as we eat lunch is what went through my mind.  Then I saw him grab the mic and start talking.  For those of you that have the pleasure to know Frank know when Frank speaks you listen.  He isn’t a chatterbox like me…. LOL. So he started to talk about how we weren’t quite breaking for lunch just yet and that he had something to say.  He talked about his love for me and how this year was our 25th wedding anniversary, and he started to talk and walk down the isle. I sat down at the first seat and he came up to me while talking about renewing his vows to me.

I thought how sweet of him and of course I would do that.  I thought that was his announcement and that we would plan to do that in the months ahead.  Well Frank had other plans.  I turned around towards the front of the church and there stood our cousin who performed other marriage ceremonies.  At that point I was STUNNED and SPEECHLESS which those that know me isn’t easy to do. OMG this was happening right now, we were getting married TODAY.    Today on the day my book was birthed I was getting married again to the LOVE of my Life, My biggest supporter of my WISHES coming true.  I had always WISHED to renew our vows and here is was making them come true. You can watch the ‘engagement and wedding’ on the video below to be our Virtual Guests at our Wedding.  The day was already EPIC and now our EPIC Love was being shared with our guests, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house including mine.  I kept thinking “ I need my valor young living essential oil” to hold it together but realized I just needed to take in the moment and let the tears of JOY flow.  I also was thinking “Thank God I drank my Ningxia Nitro as I sure needed the sustained energy to ensure I had the strength and energy in my cells to stay standing as my who body was trembling with excitement.  I looked into my loves eyes and said “You look hot” as this is what I said to him 25 years ago to help him stop trembling and helped him not pass out.  He laughed and Christian started the ceremony.


Christian let the audience know that Frank gave him the original wedding vows that we used, that Frank and I wrote the entire wedding ceremony and gave them to our  pastor and deacon to perform our ceremony.  Boy I WISH they were here too with us so I asked Christian if I could acknowledge them right then and there.  So Buddy and Nick thank you for marrying us 25 years ago.
IMG_0009      IMG_0027

Buddy was my principal and teacher and Nick was Frank’s principal of his school and deacon in the church he grew up in. 1930757_31644554323_489_n

Christian continued with our vows and at one point I couldn’t even remember which hand was which, my head was spinning. After the ceremony our guests applauded when Christian announced I now pronounce you Husband and Wife… Again. Please Watch my surprise Wedding as my words don’t do it justice as to how amazing and EPIC the day was.

Laura’s Surprise Wedding at W.I.S.Hing WELLness Retreat & Book Launch

Here is our Wedding Song – “All I Ask Of You” that Josh Groban released on his new album. Love this version.