Michele Leslie Ruhmann
– “This program has helped me define what direction I wanted to move in with my career and has helped me to manifest this. With Laura’s guidance and creative ideas, I have increased my clientele and have a much clearer picture of the direction my business is moving in and I am actually enjoying the process.”
~ Jersey Shore Myofascial Release Center Owner/Therapist     http://jerseyshoremfr.com/

David DeConde – The process really helped me to articulate the type of future I would like for myself. Laura’s approach was professional, open and very warm. I enjoy working with her as her energy is contagious. She provided step-by-step instructions which included not only what to do but also how to do it in order to achieve my goals. She takes vision boards to a whole other level with her visionary solution system and provides you with additional critical ingredients to make your dreams into reality. She provided the support I needed during my job search and I am happy to report I have found the job of my dreams. ~ Real Estate Marketing, Design & Construction Management

Heather DeConde – “I love my Vision board! As a school teacher I found this process to be profound, and I plan on taking Laura’s advanced training for professionals to teach others. I want to incorporate this into my curriculum as I am an Art Teacher for middle school students. This is a key tool for my students future success that they can use time and time again. I was able to personally use this system to create my summer art camp program. It kept me laser focused and I attracted an abundance of both dollars and also in a profound shift in how I am looking at my life and business.” ~ Middle School Art Teacher

Judi Finneran – “Laura has moved me forward faster than anything I have done before. I have actually planned and completed projects which I had been putting off forever. Laura is a fountain of information and totally over-delivers on everything she does. Laura doesn’t just say what needs to be done, she makes sure we know how to do it and sees that it gets done.”  ~ Beachbody Weight Loss Coach   http://www.finneranfitness.com

Meghan Alexandria – “Participating in this program has helped me visualize higher potential for my business to move forward and create the foundation for my business to expand. When working for yourself it can be hard to prioritize, manage time and resources. Laura helped me to organize and accomplish the steps to fulfill my goals. Her activities are tools that you will take with you and use time and time again.” I Restore – Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT, BA    http://irestoretherapy.com/

Bill Clegg – “Visionary  Solutions are excellent. It is self explanatory and easy to use. I love the way it can be used as a screen saver or comes on as I have finished the work I am doing, it reminds me why I am in my own business for. Vision boards are a powerful tool and I have enjoyed working with the images and the phrases and power words.” ~ V.P. of  C & S Services