I had no idea when I started out my health journey how many toxic ingredients were in products I could buy in the supermarket, in the stores and even the health food stores.  I naively thought just because its in a US store it must be safe…. OH HOW naive I was.
Once I became a mother is when my EYES and EARS because wide open to understand how toxic even things labeled BABY may not be safe. I know for me personally my throat restricts and I can’t breathe when I’m near toxic chemical fragrances. Those close to me know not to wear perfume around me as it is truly harmful to my health. Many don’t realize 95% of perfume on the market are made with toxic synthetic chemicals. This is when I started to open my MOUTH and ask questions, call manufactures as for ALL the ingredients in products and even baby formula. What I discovered was beyond insane and started me on a quest to do better and look with a magnify glass on the back of every label so that I could limit my families exposure to toxic ingredients !!!!

If you have never watched the Movie STINK its a must watch with your family to help teach your family WHY its so important to know the ingredients of EVERYTHING we put into our bodies.

ACTION STEP: I would like to encourage you to take ACTION today. Go around your house today and start with one cabinet, example bathroom cabinet or shower and start to look at the back of the products. Look up some of the toxic ingredients then also take note how many times the word FRAGRANCE is in the products some are even hidden or in the most tiniest fine print like lipstick or makeup.

If you would like to have access to a healthy home inspection booklet and be part of a supportive community of like minded people who have already done the heavy lifting and as I call it the ‘school of hard knocks’ to fast track you and help you with some of our favorite products we have discovered to be safe let me know.
Text me and let me know you would like more information.  732-408-3117

Did you know that companies don’t have to disclose what is in the word FRAGRANCE due to ‘trade secret’.Without full disclosure of pertinent chemical information, consumers cannot make informed decisions about products they are exposed to daily. It can have hundreds or thousands of chemicals in that ONE word FRAGRANCE.

Did you know that it has been identified 1,000+ chemicals currently used in fragrance that either qualify for a “danger” or “warning” level classification internationally, and yet only 186 chemicals have been banned for use
in the United States.

You may now understand why you may finding me cursing under my breathe when I walk down an isle in the supermarket, or baby isle or even a health food/product isle and see toxic products on the shelf.

One I learned this I also realize I was the one deciding and buying what went into my home and into my families bodies. I became aware that I was the gatekeeper and making sure the threshold of the door into my home was guarded with only bringing into my home things that were “Laura tested and approved” and those that know me know its no joke to get my approval or endorsement.

Subtitled in: Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.Please share with friends and loves ones that can benefit from learning. 

I used to be ignorant about the Cancer Loophole. I thought that if a product was on the shelf in a store, that meant it was safe. I naively believed that if a product contained dangerous, toxic ingredients, ingredients that could cause cancer, that product would be banned.

In making “Stink!” over the past three years, I have learned that companies don’t need to disclose whether products contain chemicals that cause cancer or disrupt hormones, contained endocrine disruptors, even chemicals that could interfere with a child’s growth, or cause reproductive problems. Certainly, we can all agree that American consumers should have the right to choose whether they want to be exposed to chemicals that cause cancer, or birth defects, or reproductive harm? Apparently not.

By keeping the ingredients secret, companies are taking away our ability to make informed choices. In other words, we don’t even have the right to choose whether we want to be exposed to a carcinogen. Companies using unsafe ingredients get to choose for us. And that’s why I made a documentary called “Stink!” – because no one should be ignorant about the Cancer Loophole. Americans need to know that our system to regulate chemicals stinks!

~Jon Whelan – Director / Producer




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