Nutrient-Rich soup

So many of you asked for the recipe so here it is.

Nutrient-Rich Soup 

Organic Herbs from my garden:
Lemon Thyme
Bay Leaf

Organic Vegetables:

Pho broth
Bone broth

Rice Noodles

I’m not big on measuring, I like to cook to taste.  So use your cooking tastebuds to decide how much of the herbs you want as well as the vegetables.  For example, sometimes I also add organic spinach right at the end, so use what you have.

Everything cooks for about 20 min until a rolling boil then I drop in the rice noodles.  See your noodles for the length of time as they cook very fast.

This soup is very nutrient-rich so it provides so many benefits to our health and our body systems including the immune and respiratory system.   It’s important to be a Healthy You, so I hope this soup recipe helps you do some meal prep so you have it on hand for quick lunches as you work from home, or an on the go solution.

This is also great for busy moms that want to prep and then utilize the soup and put in another type of noodle or other ingredients to create a “leftover hack” to repurpose what is left.





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