Action Attraction ™ Planner – 90 Days YL Success Edition

Action Attraction ™ Planner – 90 Days YL Success Edition
The 90 Days YL Success Edition - Quarterly Planner is a Health Business Planner and Workbook. This is a great complementary workbook tool to use while applying the tools that you learned in the Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox Book to your Young Living Business.
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About the Book

This planner and workbook was created as a complementary tool to the Healthy Business, Healthy You Toolbox Book and Healthy Business Toolbox 30 Day Challenge Online Program to help you take specific actions, and focus on the steady path to achieve your goals for Life and Business.

This tool helped me overcome severe and debilitating health challenges, accomplish weight loss, and foster success in my family, finances, and business. Every area of my life has benefited from using this universal tool and it is my WISH that it will help you too.

This 90 Days YL Success Edition – Quarterly Planner is specific to helping you achieve your Young Living Business Goals and also take care of YOU the number ASSET of your business.
It has ALL the components that the Action Attraction Planner has PLUS all the Business Building Tools, Templates and customized planner pages specifically for the Young Living Business Builder.

1 – Health and Wealth Workbook pages and Creative Coloring Brain Engaging Coloring Exercise page activity.
Through creative right-brain activity, we tap into our subconscious, and therefore all transformations through this process are even more effective and long-lasting.

2 – Vision Guides–for wishes and goals, milestones, strategies and actions to develop your custom tailored road map to success.

3 – Support System Tools and Templates to optimize your game plan.
“Sticky Notes” You can either use the pages or you can use actual Sticky Notes.
This sheet is to get you planning so you can start using the Daily, Weekly and Monthly pages to plan out your Goal you want to achieve in the next 30 days.

4– Action Attraction Plan –includes a combination of goals, objectives, strategies, and actions to provide your roadmap and path. This helps you to stay focused on the tasks necessary to achieve your goal.

5 – Circle of 5 Support System – Having a Circle of 5 in your life and business helps support you. Think of the group of supporters who will help you reach your dreams and goals

6 – Daily Planner – Each day create your new Milestones and Action Step Tasks for that Day for Life and Business.
DMO- Daily Mode of Operation Tracking
IGA – Income Generating Activity Tracking

7 – Weekly Planner – Allows you to look at the week at a glance and plan accordingly. Customize Sections for each area of your Life and Business.

8 – Monthly Planner – Gives you a 90 day road map to show you where you are going and what you want to achieve.

9 – Meal Planner – Nourishing Meal Planning will provide you to take better care of YOU, the most important asset in your life and business.

10 – Monthly Money Budget – Healthy wealth wisdom tool to help you take a pulse on your money budget and goals.

11 – Week at a Glance – List of Action Steps to help you know what to schedule and keeps you laser focused on what to do.

12 – Healthy Young Living Business Leader Month Journal – Take your Young Living Business Pulse where you can Journal and reflect the past month and Plan your following month.

13 – Year at a Glance – Helps you schedule Events such as 101, 201, 301 and Leadership Events.

14 – Journal – This helps you get clear on your why, goals, events, accomplishments, gratitude and taking care of you while growing your business.