Community Builders
Action Attraction
5 Day Challenge

Essential Tools to End Continue your Year Strong and help make your Community EPIC

Day 1 Action Attraction

Day 1: - Join the Group Room

Join the Community Builder Action Attraction  group room.

Text the word ACTION  to 732 -408-3117
to Join the 5 Day Challenge and get entered to WIN Gift and Laura Goodies. 

Day 1: Take ACTION

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: 

Go to GUIDES in Lesson 1 in the group room. 

Why you need to do it: 

Take ACTION on your Wishes and take that first step.

Did you know that you’re 95% more likely to accomplish your goals if you have a community to support you?

What you actually need to do: 

  1. Watch the video replay lessons in the group room. 
  2. Create your Post with a Photo of just you. 
    Include the Template of the words to add to that post.
    (VERY IMPORTANT you add the words and then as you complete a lesson you can edit the Post to add and change words. 
    Please do not skip this step. If you need help please ask.
  3. Take the Personality & Learning Quiz.  Add the results to your Post with the Photo of you. This post becomes your HUB post where you put all things related to you and your Wishes, Feelings, Goals and Action Steps.
Day 1 Worksheet

If you have the Action Attraction Planner turn to the Wish, Feelings and Goal pages.
Watch Videos and fill in.

If you don’t have the Action Attraction Planner and would like to buy one please go to

In the meantime take ACTION today don’t delay waiting for your planner – Get out a notebook and just write the word Wish on one sheet of paper, Feelings on one sheet of paper, and then Goal on one sheet of paper. 

Seize the Day – Do it TODAY.

Ready for some more

Action Attraction
Plan-a-Thon ?

Come back to each day to this page! 
Join the Action Attraction Plan-a-thon Facebook Group room
Reminder: don’t forget to post today’s HomePLAY post inside the Action Attraction Plan-a-thon Facebook Group room.

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